Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

I've been reading Dietgirl's blog for some time now. She's running a scavenger hunt. Winners will get her much desired book-also unattainable in the US. And I want that book so-o-o bad. So-here's my seven things.


After attending my neice’s wedding in Florida, we spent a few days visiting my girlfriend. She has more bicycles than most women have shoes. Of course, she builds and repairs them for a living. This unusual little bike is a Union Bicycle. They built them in Holland in the 70’s. Cool little bike!

Bald Man

This is a photo of my Mac genie. (Yes, he can smile.) The gracious genie helped me purchase my 1st Mac and my most recent Mac. He gave me my 2nd Mac. He’s been a big help.How did he get to be a genie? One day, he heard a sales clerk complain about her computer. He went out to his car, got a Mac out of the trunk and gave it to her.


Okay, I’m in the hinterlands. No Elvis around here. But, then I remembered seeing this Elvis robot in one of our Christmas catalogs. I got this screenshot from their online catalog. Here he is. He talks, sings, and even has a karaoke mode so you can sing along.

I’m reminded of my favorite movie about Elvis-Bubba Ho-Tep. Elvis and JFK are both alive in an East Texas nursing home and fighting a soul-sucking ancient Egyptian mummy. It’s quirky, funny and surprisingly touching.

Greek Yogurt

Oh please, I live in the hinterlands, remember? I can find Dandoodle sausage, but Greek Yogurt? I had to get a screenshot from the Fage USA website. It does sound yummy though. I love honey.

Wedding Dress

This is my niece and her groom. Isn’t that a gorgeous dress? Sweet girl. But, not too good at sending thank you notes, bless her heart. (In the South,you can say anything you want about someone as long as you end it with “bless her/his heart”.)

Letter D

Had to think about this for a bit. Then it hit me-I'm a pilot, so I needed to use aircraft for the letters D & G. All German aircraft have a registration that starts with a letter D. My Greek-American buddy imported this vintage L-Spatz glider from German a few years ago. He wears a red shirt, hat, & shoes when he flies the L-Spatz.

Letter G

All UK aircraft have a registration that starts with a G. I had the dickens of a time finding this. Finally found this photo of motorglider on a UK gliding club website.

So, there it is. Please pick me Dietgirl, pretty please with Green & Black shavings on top!